%d7%9a%d7%9dk1%d7%93%d7%a9%d7%a1k2a%d7%a9%d7%96%d7%99%d7%97Today’s Photoshoot was with my sister Karin (KarinKay1 on Instagram), we wanted to have a fun photoshoot, and since we recently bought the same fur jacket (in different colors), we thought why not make a thing out of it!

I was in charge of styling & makeup, So i thought about styling the jackets with a cool pair of jeans to keep the focus on the jackets.

And for the makeup and hair my inspiration was from the Fendi campaign with Gigi and Bella Hadid, Which i just fell in love with their looks since they rocked it on the runway a while ago!

The vibe of the photoshoot was cozy and dreamy, with the tiniest touch of vintage.If you wanna see sneak peeks of future posts before anyone else you can follow me on  Instagram & Snapchat  ♥



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